Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boeseman The Rainbowfish

The Life of Animals | Boeseman The Rainbowfish | Boeseman Rainbowfish lives in the western part of West New Guinea (formerly Irian Jaya). Boeseman Rainbowfish is not only present in Ayamaru lake also found in Hain Aitinjo lake and pond, as well as the currents flowing into the lake Ayamaru. Both Hain and Lake Aitinjo lake is 20 km (12.5 miles) Lake Ayamaru. The Rainbowfish Boeseman typical habitat is shallow and marshy with clean water and abundant aquatic vegetation. Boeseman Rainbowfish is threatened by overexploitation, as it has become a popular aquarium fish. In late 1980, about 60,000 men specimens exported from the Great Lakes Region Ayamaru each month. Boeseman Rainbowfish is listed as "Endangered" in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Boeseman Rainbowfish is not difficult to maintain in the aquarium and is a popular aquarium fish, even outside Australia.


You can keep in a species of rainbowfish aquarium Boeseman or combined with peaceful species of similar size in a community created. Try to remember the natural habitat in the aquarium Rainbowfish Boeseman and include a large number of lush plants. Recommended Water temperature is 25-30 ° C (77-86 degrees F). The water should be alkaline, pH 7.2 to 8.0. Let the chlorine evaporates the water before using it for water changes, if you use chlorinated water. Keep your fish a varied diet containing foods alive. Rainbowfish Boeseman may well survive on dry food only, but will not thrive and they can lose their vibrant colors. The Aquarium L 50-75 (13-20 liters) is large enough to serve as breeding aquarium for a small group with a single male. Feeding large quantities of live fish meat food.

Males can be aggressive with females during the breeding season, so a well planted aquarium and proper sex ratio are important. A higher temperature water can accelerate the process. You can feed the fry infusoria, egg yolk and finely ground flake food until they are large enough to eat brine shrimp newborns and nibble flakes integrals.

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