Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Life of Animals | Gelada | The ice is large and robust. It is covered with buff, dark brown, thick hair and has a dark face and eyelids pale. Adult males have a long hood and heavy hair on their backs. Ice has a hairless face, with a short snout, which is closer to a chimpanzee of a baboon. This patch is hourglass shaped. The male is bright red and surrounded by white hair in women is much less pronounced. Women also have buttons around the patches of your skin. Icy have also developed ischial callosities. No sexual dimorphism of the species males averaged 18.5 kg (40.8 lb) while females are smaller, averaging 11 kg (24.3 pounds). Tail length is 30-50 cm from 11.8 to 19.7 inches). Ice has several adjustments to their lifestyle and terrestrial herbivore. He has adapted resistant small fingers to pull the grass and narrow incisors, small adapted for chewing.

Mountain areas in which they live tend to be cooler and less arid plains areas.Thus, cold usually do not feel the negative effects of the dry season on food availability. Icy are the only primates that are primarily herbivores and graminivores - blades of grass up 90% of their diet. They eat both blades and grass seed. When both leaves and seeds are cold prefer seeds available. They also eat flowers, roots and rhizomes, when available, using hands to dig the last two. They also eat grasses, herbs, small fruits, vines, shrubs and weeds. During the dry season, grasses and herbs are consumed less are preferred. Eat frozen foods that primates and ungulates, and can chew your food as effectively as zebras. They are essentially cold days. At night they sleep in the sun cliffs.At edges, leave the cliffs and travel to the tops of the mountains to feed and socialize. By late morning, social activities tend to decrease and the frozen concentrated fodder.

When night activities, exhibitions of social ice before entering the sleeping cliffs When in estrus, the female basa back to one male and up wagging his tail to one side. Then the man comes and inspects the female breasts and genital areas. The female will mate up to five times a day, usually around noon. The majority of births occur at night. Newborns have a red face, eyes closed, and covered with black hairs. On average, babies born weighing 464 g. Women who have just given birth to stay on the periphery of the playback unit. Other adult females may have an interest in children and even kidnapping. Children can move independently around five months old. When men reach puberty, they gather in groups of independent breeding units instability.

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