Monday, May 21, 2012

Spider crab

The Life of Animals | Spider crab | Rationalization for the spider crab name is usually subjective and anecdotal. Some spiders have a body called the flattened and angular. In all cases, the Thomisidae family are more commonly referred to as "spider". However, some members of the giant crab spiders called Sparassidae, Selenopidae hot wall crab spiders and various members Sicariidae are sometimes also called six-eyed crab spiders, some species of spiders, as well as independent Radspinne cancriformis Gasteracantha commonly known as "spiders".

Note, however, that these members of the family Thomisidae be confused with spiders, which are commonly known as bird droppings, spiders, not all of whom are close relatives of spiders. Other species of spider crabs, flattened, and hunting with the organisms in the columns of tree trunks or under loose bark or protection in these columns per day, and come at night to hunt. The spider was built in Aphantochilidae family Thomisidae in the late 1980. Species Aphantochilus cephalotes mimic ants on which they hunt.

The spiders of Thomisidae are not known to be harmful to humans. However, the spiders of an independent genus, Sicarius, sometimes referred to as "spiders" or "six-eyed crab spider", close cousins with recluse spiders, and are very toxic, although human bites are rare.

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