Monday, May 21, 2012

Spitting spider

The Life of Animals | Spitting spider | About 150 species have been described scytodids world. Scytodidae capture prey spitting, a liquid that solidifies when exposed to a toxic, sticky mass. Surprisingly, even if it is produced in the venom glands in chelicerae, which contains both fluid and spider silk poisonous in liquid form.

The spider meets usually at a distance of 10-20mm and the entire sequence of attack is more in less than 1/700th of a second after the acquisition, the bite spider usually the prey with toxic effects, and wrap in the normal way with spider silk from the spinnerets.

As the Sicariidae and Diguetidae These spiders are haplogyne (lack of female genital hardened) and have six eyes, as the three pairs are arranged. The Scytodidae differ from Sicariidae and Diguetidae in a dome-shaped tanks, and their distinctive mottled pattern of spots.

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