Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spotted Gar

The Life of Animals | Spotted Gar | Although the Great Lakes basin to understand the extent to Northern Spotted Gar in the United States, the basins are the southern basin of Lake Michigan, Lake Erie basin and southern basin of Lake Huron. The population is small gar in the north and Lake Erie is threatened by habitat destruction and pollution. The gar is most common in southern waters, such as the Mississippi River basin from southern Minnesota to Alabama and West Florida at the time. Historical records indicate the gar was spotted in the Thames River and Sydenham River, Ontario, Canada. Nesting habitat includes wetlands and swamps with an abundance of aquatic vegetation. Even surface water is preferable to estimate approximately 0-1 m water depth A female can have multiple mating partners and the female is usually larger than males mate with.

The females have lower mortality rates of up to an annual gar is 18 years. Men today are having an impact on this species of fish, destroying habitat, aquatic vegetation, and the creation of sedimentation in the waters of North America. Waste and drainage chemistry in lakes and rivers causes the accumulation of chemicals and water contamination. Spotted gar or pools of clean water, and human factors can reduce their survival. the Canadian waters of the spotted gar is protected by the Endangered Species Act and the Federal Fisheries Act. The Program Management of species at risk habitat works to protect the spotted gar and their habitat. Current management plans for spotted gar include: increased water quality, minimize or prevent pollution, the analysis of samples contaminated with the decline of the most important biological species is habitat destruction. Firstly, without the need for gar habitats can not grow and reproduce normally consequent reduction of the population.

Electroshocking would be held in the shallow areas of lakes and rivers where gar habitat. The sampling for the monitoring of the species would be to monitor visually. The fishermen can fill out surveys for spotted gars many who have taken or bow fishermen spotted gars tell you how many shots all the time. Technology as an underwater camera can be used to search for spotted gar. Some shallow areas may be prohibited for fishing and areas could be sampled to compare the population of fishing. Spotted gar have few predators threatening invasive species so that there are fish and should be removed. Port improvements, dredging filling, and destruction of coastal habitats affect fish and should be stopped. Water quality must have a certain level of quality and biologists should verify the frequency levels and to address whether the level is low quality.

Research in the main streams must be performed on tissue samples for testing gar contaminants. Spotted gar is not a popular game fish species for fishermen, but fishermen are a kind of value the bow to shoot. Promotion of a gar fish would help conserve the species.

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