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The Life of Animals | Uromastyx | Their size varies from 25 cm (10 inches) (U. macfadyeni) to 91 cm (36 inches) or more (U. aegyptia). Newborn or young animals are usually not more than 10.7 cm (4.3 inches) in length. Like many other reptiles, lizards, these "colors change with temperature, while the cool weather they appear dull and dark, but the colors are brighter on hot days, especially when heated, allowing the darker pigmentation of their skin to absorb the sunlight effective. Uromastyx inhabit a range extending across North Africa, the Middle East and extends into south-central Asia and India. A female Uromastyx can be anywhere 5-40 eggs, depending on the age and species. Wild female Uromastyx are smaller and less colorful than the males. For example, females may be maliensis often light brown dorsally, with black spots, while males are mainly bright yellow speckled with black spots. Women also tend to have short nails caught maliensis may tend to imitate females, the men of color.


Enter a Uromastyx to lead a bowl of water to a higher humidity in the cage and can cause problems for the animal. Uromastyxs captive diets should be "vegetarian herbivorous, mainly consisting of endive, dandelion, bok choy and escarole. lizards need food with a calcium supplement and a Uromastyx designed to prevent health problems can be dusted off. is very important to avoid Chard cabbage, spinach and flowering plants in all diets reptiles, as oxalates prevent spinach uptake of calcium into the bloodstream. should not insects to a Uromastyx. Historically, captive Uromastyx had a poor survival rate because of the lack of understanding of their nutritional needs and environmental concerns.

The Mali Uromastyx (Uromastyx maliensis) is considered ideal to choose species as pets because they adapt easily to captivity. Another species of Uromastyx that adapts itself well to captivity and comes in a variety of colors, is Uromastyx ocellata ornata. UVB light / UVA artificial vitamin supplements and should be balanced with the food and nutrition, is the UVB light necessary for the absorption of calcium from the intestine. Although lizards very high heating temperature, a temperature gradient within the enclosure so that they have to cool down the heat lamps. The temporary slowing of the metabolism also increases the life expectancy of the animals.

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