Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yellow Garden Spider

The Life of Animals | Yellow Garden Spider | Garden spiders build networks, often in areas adjacent to the sunny fields where they are hidden and open protected from the wind. Argiope aurantia female spiders tend to be somewhat local, often in a place to stay in the great part of his life. The web of yellow garden spider is different: a circular shape to 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter with a zigzag-dense tissue, known as stabilimentum in the middle. Only the spiders that are active in the building during the day, their paths in Stabilimenta. The radial lines meet at a central point. To ensure that the web is dense, spider bends slightly along the radial lines of the application of spiral silk. Web of the female is much larger than the males, which is building a small web zigzag around.


The spider web can swing his strong, while it remains stuck in the middle. In a ritual, every night, the spider consumes the inner ring of the web and then re-created new every morning with fresh silk. The radial structure and mooring lines are usually not replaced when it reconstructs the spider web. The spider can be used to recycle the chemicals in the construction of the Web. In addition, consuming the thin wires that seem to have them small particles, the tiny insects and organic matter to feed the spider does not live in dense clusters capable than other ball spiders that can contain, may be the golden orb spider's web. The garden spider's web has a clean up properly when compared to the number of disordered networks, and given up by groups of Golden Orb spiders. Yellow garden spiders produce once a year. Males wander in search of a female, the construction of a small web near or even in the female web, then cut the female of booting your wireless web. Often, when the male approaches the female, he has prepared a trap line safety, if it attacks.

It lays its eggs at night on a piece of silk cloth, then cover it with a layer of silk, then a protective brown silk. Egg bags ranging from 5/8 "to 1" diameter. Every spider produces 1-4 bags of perhaps a thousand in each egg. The spiders spend most of their time in their cars waiting for prey in the trap. When prey is on the Web, can swing the spider web caught and returned, still keeping the insects. If the prey is secure, the spider kills her, and then inject its poison the prey wrapped in a cocoon of silk for later consumption (usually 1-4 hours later).  

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