Saturday, June 16, 2012

Argentine Horned Frog

The Life of Animals | Argentine Horned Frog | Females can be up to 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) from snout to vent (SV) and men was 11.5 cm (4.5 inches) VS. Color is usually light green with red spots, but dark blue, parti-color versions of black and albino exist. Frog hunting horns remaining motionless, waiting for prey. In nature, the typical diet will include rodents such as mice, small reptiles and large spiders and insects such as grasshoppers. Horned frog is known for its reputation for courage. They try to eat animals, sometimes even their size. When kept as a pet, usually horned frogs feed primarily on large adult grasshoppers, crickets and black and brown rats, but also enjoy depending on fish size.


Sexual reproduction. Argentine Horned Frog Females lay about 2,000 eggs in water and in two weeks to become tadpoles. Known in the pet industry as Pacman frogs, in Argentina diversity of species is usually resistant and easy care. Argentine Horned Frog has some simple requests such as a pet. A We recommend keeping the horned frogs only way to avoid cannibalism. A heating pad can be used to adjust the temperature, however, the pad should be placed on a water surface and below so as not to prevent overheating frogs buried.

Daily misting with distilled water (hard water stain removal on glass) can help achieve optimal levels of humidity. Do not spray directly to your frogs in distilled water or distilled water to soak offer. Water treated with chlorine, or better, spring water must be used for dipping purposes. Juveniles can be fed appropriate vitamin / calcium dusted 3-4 size every two days. Adults can be fed adult crickets, cockroaches, earthworms or three times a week. Frogs have difficulty digesting the tissues in mammals and high fat content of mice can lead to fatty liver disease.

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