Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bluefin tuna

The Life of Animals | Bluefin tuna | The bluefin tuna is one of the largest, fastest and most beautiful colors of all fish in the world. Their torpedo-shaped bodies are agile built for speed and endurance. Bluefin tuna are warm-blooded, a rare trait among fish, and are in the cold waters of Newfoundland and Iceland, as well as the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea where they spawn easily go to every year. You can retract their dorsal and pectoral fins into slots to reduce drag. And some scientists think that the series of "finlets" on their tails may even serve to reduce water turbulence.

Bluefin reach their enormous size of gorging themselves almost always in small fish, crustaceans, squid and eel. The largest ever recorded bluefin tuna was from a Nova Scotia to 1496 pounds (679 kg) caught weighed. Bluefin tuna are eaten by humans for centuries.


As a result, the stocks of tuna, especially large, old fish were killed, and international conservation efforts have resulted in a restriction of trade leads out. But at least one group of illegal fishing bluefin populations in Europe, it led to the brink of extinction.

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