Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chaco Horned Frog

The Life of Animals | Chaco Horned Frog | Cranwell of horned frog (Ceratophrys cranwelli), also known as the Chaco horned frog, a frog is endemic to dry land of the Gran Chaco in Argentina. Like most members of Ceratophrys generally, are often considered Pacman frogs because of their resemblance to the popular video game character of the same name. The backs of these frogs are usually dark green and brown coloration, although albino variants with orange and yellow back even exist. The model allows to camouflage dark color as the animal burrows and waits for its prey.  In the case of extreme temperatures, Cranwell frogs enter a period of aestivation, the development of a thick protective layer of the skin to retain moisture and aid in breathing. When estivation is complete, the frog uses its front legs and rear to help remove the protective layer. In many cases, the frog uses the jaws to pull the skin on the back, often eat the skin in the process.

How Pacman frogs, Cranwell are popular as pets. The foreign body can be anything, but Pacman frogs kept as pets, usually a small stone or piece of gravel used as substrate. In severe cases, the volume of stool in the intestine is so great that the lungs are clogged and respiration of the frog is compromised.

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