Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chinese Fire Belly Newt

The Life of Animals | Chinese Fire Belly Newt | In AD 1008 years, a Chinese author mentioned that a small black salamander was found in aquatic weeds in pools on the prairie Mou. For animals that survive the transportation, mortality rates are very high given the poor cattle in pet stores or the ultimate owner. If the animals in captivity can not be found, make sure to buy an animal in good condition. Open wounds, missing limbs, fungi and animals too thin to be passed over, or even seemingly healthy individuals if the newts deaths are in the tank. While many people buy sick animals, out of pity or with intent to breastfeed return to health, the purchase of these animals simply encourages poor care on behalf of the owner of the pet. Orientalis Cynops better in a tank not heated to temperatures between 58-68 ° F (14-20 ° C). Temperatures above 74 ° F typically result in high levels of stress or death. The failure of newts to enter the water can be a sign of stress, poor water quality, or other health problems. Typically, five gallons of aquarium animals is ideal, but the smaller tanks may have water quality problems.

Including live plants in the aquarium can help maintain healthy water quality, providing coverage for pregnant newts and more attractive. Animals mixture of other amphibian or fish or other, with C. orientalis is discouraged Other animals can be aggressive, disease-carrying foreign, have different requirements for housing, and may eat or be eaten by the newts. Firebelly toads (Bombina orientalis), newts Paddletail (Pachytriton spp.), Crabs and various fish are often poorly maintained together in pet shops. Moreover, several toxins newts can be fatal to other species. Few species of fish from cold water fish like small white clouds are generally considered acceptable as cohabitants of C. orientalis, but they can still carry diseases, parasites or be eaten by newts hungry.


Newts in captivity can eat chips or dried foods, although some animals may refuse it. Foods that are easily taken may include bloodworms are the larvae of chironomids, worms, water fleas, such as Daphnia, Artemia adults Blackworms or mosquito larvae. Newts can also eat tadpoles and small fish, but these foods have a higher risk of transmitting diseases and parasites, are wild caught. Aquatic plants and layers of plastic strips (thin strips of clear plastic garbage bag tied to a rock or other heavy object) works fine, and plastic strips may be preferable to living plants. The eggs are deposited or placed in plastic plants, with some eggs laid each day.

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