Thursday, July 26, 2012

European Shorthair


The Life of Animals | European Shorthair | European Shorthair has partners in the UK (British Shorthair) and USA (American Shorthair) were derived, which is much longer. British Shorthair however was crossed with a Persian cat and the cat selectively bred with the muzzle slightly shorter and thicker cobbier coat. Since the breed was developed from the normal domestic cats that are very different temperament, the nature of domestic short hair is impossible to understand.

In terms of personality and the emergence of domestic short hair looks more like a standard internal European short hair cats. The European Shorthair is a muscular, medium and large cat with a broad, muscular chest. The relatively large head is rounded, with well-developed cheeks, but it is not round, as the British Shorthair head. European Shorthair dense coat is short, soft and shiny, and must lie down.

Pure white, is also permitted. Eye color and skin color can be yellow, green or orange. Blue or odd-eyed individuals are permitted if the fur is white.

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