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Honey badger


The Life of Animals | Honey badger | Honey badger has a body a little long, but largely penetrated and wide across the back. The skin around the neck, 6 mm (0.24 inches) to accommodate the management of other dogs. The head is small and flat, with a short muzzle. Honey badger has short legs and a strong five toes on each foot. The tail is short and covered with long hair, except as below ground. Honey badgers are the largest terrestrial mustelids in Africa. Adults, as 23-28 cm (9.1 to 11 inches) to the shoulder and 55-77 cm (22-30 inches), body length, tail adding another 12-30 cm (4.7 to 12 inches). Males weigh 9:16 kilograms (20-35 pounds) and females 5-10 kg (11-22 pounds) weighed on average.

Honey badger is a purse, anal, unusual among the mustelids, is reversible, functions together with the hyenas. The skull has little to do with the development of the European badger, and looks like a large version of the skull of the ferret. Although it feeds mainly on soft foods, honey badger, chewing teeth, often very worn. Language sharp retrograde papillae, which help it to handle solid foods. Winter coat long (40-50 mm in length, in the lower back), and consists of a sparse, coarse hair, like bristles no undercoat. On each side of the head and lower body pure black. Honey badgers cottoni subspecies are unique because they are completely in black Although usually solitary, honey badgers may hunt in pairs during the breeding season in May, little is known about the breeding habits of honey badger is known.

Honey badgers are intelligent animals and are one of the few species known to use tools. In the 1997 documentary film Earth Tiger, honey badger in India was taken by the tool, the animal rolled magazine, and it was a halcyon childhood reach to connect to the roots, which, on the roof of an underground cave. As in other mustelids are relatively large, such as the wolverine and badger badger honey are known for their fierce strength and rigidity. They do not know fear, and brutal attack almost any animal, if the flight is impossible, and even much more, apparently reflecting predators such as lions, bites, animal bites and porcupine rarely penetrate your skin.

The voice is hoarse honey badger "khrya-I-I-I" sound. During mating, the males emit a high plaintive cries of infantry Cubs through vocalization. Faced with the dogs, honey badgers, screaming like a young bear. Honey badgers are often serious predators of birds. Thanks to the strength and lightness of their skin, honey badgers are very hard to kill dogs. Since then he has been identified as the honey-badger, inflated ears. In many parts of northern India, honey badgers are reported to have lived in close proximity to human habitation, which led to many cases of attacks on birds, small animals, and sometimes children.

Besides Wolverine, honey badger is the diet for at least specialized of the weasel family. In underdeveloped regions, honey badgers, may at any time of day to hunt, although very active at night in areas with high human population. Honey badgers are known to be in pursuit of a young lion, and make them die. They eat fruits and vegetables, such as fruits, roots and tubers. You can frogs and rodents such as gerbils and ground squirrels dig them out of the cave to hunt. Honey badgers are easy to feed the turtles because of the strong jaw. They kill and eat snakes, poisonous, or even large companies such as snakes. When searching for food plants, stones and shells that tore trees.

Honey badger appears as a joke in the 1989 movie I guess Gods Must Be Crazy II. Viral video crazy Nastyass honey badger has been reached on a popular Internet meme in 2011, more than 44 million views on YouTube since May 2012. The video shows the image of the network Nat Geo Wild Coyotes fight honey badgers, invade hives, food and snakes. Video includes a comic voice "Randall", in history, vulgar, feminine, sometimes desperate and even phrases like "Honey badgers do not care!" and "Honey Badger do not give a shit! Randall later published a honey badger has no interest in the same year. Wonderful Pistachios and video links affected by the honey badger American show on the collectors and the Chipmunks. Football LSU Tigers "players Mathieu tyrant, known as" honey badger.
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