Saturday, July 7, 2012

King of Herrings


The Life of Animals | King of Herrings | herrings or giant oarfish, a oarfish Regalecidae family, the king of the world's longest bony minagide. Most specimens are found dead or dying in the water most of the observations, were in the North Atlantic. Great Book of Animals, whose name comes from his appendages crownlike herring fishermen to the fish was thought to be the guidelines, schools would have to be seen. Long dorsal fin, red,, shell-less ribbon, and silver is.

Regalecus Glesne (Glesne) a certain word in western Norway, where the first part of the mantle of Agriculture oarfish view Ascanius Dane Glesnæs, or Glesvær is derived from a small village in 1765 and 1769. King of the world's longest bony minagide herrings. December 10, 2010, the States of Sinaloa in Mexico, the southern coast of a live specimen was found to be four meters. Taiwanese fishermen in the water, light, and felt the earthquake in Japan. Fish Earthquake: he gave a nickname.

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