Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lizard Sailfin

The Life of Animals | Lizard SailFin | Malaysian Sail finned Lizards grow 0.9144m (3 feet) in length. These lizards have a small head with a long snout and nose oval near the tip of the snout. In the head and the muzzle is usually a top of some large scales and small scales. Fingers and toes have lobes of skin. The Sail finned Lizards characteristic is only the tail, which is twice the length of the head and body together.

The flattening of the tail helps the lizard swim. They are stocky lizards that are dark green-brown with black spots. These lizards are found in Indonesia, New Guinea, Philippines. Young people can be found in ditches and around people. The lizard males are combative and competitive against other males when trying to court the females.

Browse fins Lizards feed mostly on plants, but also are known for insects, rodents and millipedes eat, people eat prey is worth 60% and 40% of the plants. Amboinensis lives Hydrosaurus 15 years or more.

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