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The Life of Animals | Pipefish | Needles to instantly look healthy seahorses with tiny mouths. The body and tail are long, thin, and the serpent. The dorsal fin is always present, and is the primary (in some species, the only) body movement. Gill openings very small, and placed next to the upper rear corner of the gill covers. Some types of needles have tails that intervention, such as in seahorses. The Pipefishes one form or another of the tail fin (as opposed seahorses), which can be used for the moved. See the description of the anatomy of the fish fin.

There are types of needles with more developed caudal fin, as a group known as the needles the marine inhabitants and some freshwater species. Pipefishes in abundance on the shores of tropical and temperate zones. There are about 200 species of pipefish. Pipefishes and family of seahorses, while most parental males. Courtship usually carefully choreographed display of men and women.

Other species are partially or even completely designed bag to carry eggs. Many exhibitions polyandry breeding with a female fit with two or more men. This leads to an increased incidence of internal brooding pipefish species, what types of external brooding. Some young people have a short larval stage and live as plankton for a short time. Other fully developed, miniature versions of their parents, believing that the same behavior as their parents immediately.  needles, which are very strong swimmers.

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