Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spectacled Bear

The Life of Animals | Spectacled Bear | The spectacled bear is a species of medium size bear native in South America has black fur with a distinctive tan markings around the face and upper chest, although not all Andean bears have "spectacle" markings. Males can weigh 100-200 kg (220 - 440 pounds) and 35 women -82 kg (77-181 lbs). Spectacled bears are the only species of bear native to South America survived, and the only surviving member of the subfamily Tremarctinae.


Like other bears, mothers are protective of their young and attacked the poachers. Bears herbivores glasses are more than most other bears, generally about 5-7% of their diet is meat. The most common foods for these bears are cacti, palm nuts, bulbs, orchids, fruit fallen on the forest floor and palm leaves closed. Prey is usually very small, but these bears can front-grown deer, llamas and domestic cattle and horses.

Probably, some bears have become accustomed to eating animals, but bears are actually more likely to eat carrion and livestock farmers as some may accidentally take the spectacled bear killed. Because of fear of loss of inventory, the bears can be shot on sight The population bear glasses is at risk of a number of reasons. Bears are hunted by the locals because of a belief that eating animals (bears with glasses, even if they do not eat large quantities of meat). The gallbladder of spectacled bears are valued in traditional Chinese medicine and can fetch a higher price in international market.

As food sources of bears are disappearing, is based on food crops. For this reason, farmers see the bears, such as competition and hunt them. The law against hunting bears exist, but is rarely applied. In the documentary Paddington Bear: The Early Years, British actor Stephen Fry is a spectacled bear named Yogi, which was held in a small cage by Andean villagers (see also Paddington Bear).

Fry took an interest in bears to accompany the documentary, Stephen Fry and spectacled bears, and he also wrote and published their experiences to save the Spectacled Bear: A Peruvian daily. The BBC documentary "Spectacled Bears: Shadows of the Forest" Bear looks at some of the research was conducted in Peru and Ecuador, and that researchers are discovering.

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