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Adelie Penguins

The Life of Animals | Adelie Penguins | There are 38 colonies of Adelie penguins, and more than 5 million Adélie in the Ross Sea region. Ross Island supports a colony of about half a million Adelie penguins. Adelie penguins breed from October to February, on the coast around the Antarctic continent. Adelie nests built of rough stones. Adelie penguins live in groups called colonies. These penguins are medium in size and weight of 46-75 cm (18-30 inches) long and 3.6 to 6 kg (7.9 to 13 pounds). The tail is a "little more than penguins queues. I am a bit "lower than other penguin species. His appearance is closer to the stereotypical image of penguins, like most black with a white belly. Adelie penguins can swim up to 45 mph (72 km / h) Adelie penguins are leopard seals prey, Skua and whales occasionally fatal.

Like all penguins, the Adelie highly social, feeding and nesting of groups. They are also very aggressive to other penguins who steal stones from their nest. Cherry-Garrard, said: "They are extraordinarily like children, of these people around the world, Antarctica, either as children or old men, full of self-importance. E 'was observed as the Penguin intrigue could put them in danger, Scott found a particularly troublesome The big problem with dog teams is due to the reckless behavior of penguins. These groups were jumping constantly in our iceberg. Since landing on your feet the whole attitude expressed devouring curiosity and a head of pork contempt for his own safety.

to the South Pole has been more receptive to this element of intrigue to Adelia Cherry-Garrard Meares and Dimitri-exercised dogs dog teams on the counter over, when we were stopped for a period of time. For stubborn personality characteristics Cherry-Garrard kept the bird in high esteemThe restriction of competition from these predators led to a surplus of krill, the penguins now used as a source of penguins fooddélie easier to reach their breeding grounds in October or November, in late winter and early spring. Nests consist of stones stacked.

In December, the warmest month in Antarctica (about -2 ° C or 28 ° F), parents take turns incubating the eggs, you'll eat and the other stays to warm the egg. The parent who is incubating does not eat. In March, young adults and their return to the sea. The Adelie penguin living on sea ice, but needs the ice-free land to breed. With the reduction of sea ice and food shortages, the population of Adelie penguins fell 65% in the last 25 years. Adelie penguins youth who have no experience in social interaction can respond to fake stimuli as penguins gather to breed.  Due to the emergence of birds and relatively similar to human behavior, human observers have interpreted this behavior as sexual deviation anthropomorphic.

The brochure, declined for publication in the official reports of the Scott expedition, said the frequency of sexual activity, an auto-erotic behavior, and the apparently anomalous behavior of men and women, young couples, including necrophilia, sexual coercion, sexual abuse and physical chicks and homosexual behavior, "says an analysis by William Russell and his colleagues Douglas Sladen and David Ainley. Levick observe Adelie penguins at Cape Adare, the site of the largest colony of Adelie penguins in the world. The discovery significantly clarifies the behavior of the species that some researchers believe it is an indicator of climate change Adelie penguins live in the area of the Ross Sea, Antarctica and the migration of an average of about 13,000 kilometers (8,100 miles) during the year that follows the sun from their breeding colonies of winter feeding areas and vice versa versa. Longer trips were recorded at 17,600 km (10,900 miles)

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