Thursday, August 2, 2012

Akbash Dog

The Life of Animals | Akbash Dog | Akbash big dog with a weight of 75 to 140 pounds (34 to 64 kg) at an average of 90 pounds for females and 120 pounds for men. Akbash dogs in the range of 27 to 34 inches (69 to 86 cm) in height. Akbash is compact compared to other Turkish guard dog breeds, Akbash dog and some of them may be even greater. It is believed that the old dog genetics Akbash on a combination of wind and Molossoid were created. Akbash possesses characteristics of both. Although there are many differences in the size and height of the race Akbash, Akbash dog's reputation, with long, strong body high.

Heads range from medium to heavy work for dogs. Purebred dogs Akbash may or may not be born with a rear double dewclaws. Missing or possession of the rear double Akbash fingers no evidence that recent crosses with other breeds of livestock guardian dogs, or any other race. Akbash should be easy to find, in addition Kangal Anatolian Shepherd, and because they are white, although some Kangal Anatolian Shepherd Dog Akbash or it may resemble. It is legal to export the Akbash dogs of Turkey. It is forbidden to export from Turkey Kangal dogs. Kangal Dog of Turkey national breed.

Akbash breed is not the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized, but recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC). Shows Akbash Dog can be shown in U.S. rare breed association (ARBA) and the International Association of all breeds of dogs (IABCA) show. Akbash personality, but calmly and deliberately. The breed is not hostile in nature, and instead requires naturally bred to think independently. Akbash is a predator or physically protected from all that, if he deems it wise and should be deleted.

Akbash is often mistakenly referred to as a herding dog, but actually working dogs are bred to live with him and protect animals, mainly goats and / or sheep, or hunt, if their costs (although in some rare cases, their protégé to move away from danger). Akbash is one of the most popular of the 30 races throughout the world under the name of a herd of guardians, livestock guard dogs and patrol dogs In their role as guard dogs Akbash dogs often spend many hours lying in flocks or herds. Most predators will not publicly attack the Akbash, the working group, but some may try. Predators are less likely to take more than one dog, animal welfare and the working dog is not likely to have been injured. Akbash is unusual, as the companion dog. With the Akbash has been bred to adapt to their own opinion, maybe a dog of this breed is not prone to obedience exercises.

Akbash dogs need high security fencing for better insulation. Akbash dog is not for everyone. Akbash dogs, like many large breeds, you can expect to live 10 on average, live longer, with slightly more than 11 years. 

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