Monday, August 27, 2012

Clown Triggerfish


The Life of Animals | Clown Triggerfish | The clown triggerfish, usually around coral reefs. He lives in the coastal plain to the outer reef habitats. This fish has a unique tsvet.Ventralnoy surface has large, white spots on a dark background, and its dorsal surface has black spots on yellow. There is a vertical, white (yellow) stripe on the tail plavnike.Yarko yellow mouth can be used to deter potential enemies. This fish has a form of camouflage, he counters or similar shading.

From the top of the fish will blend in more with the coral reef environment. Thanks to its attractive colors, this fish is one of the most valuable aquarium fish, like many other triggerfish, it may require a large aquarium and aggressive toward other fish. It should not be a small fish.

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