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The Life of Animals | Hogfish | The parrot is characterized by a great form of laterally compressed body. IInterestingly so long "pig-like" face and rooting behavior of Hogfish is named. The caudal tail semilunar or slightly 'and the pectoral fins are along the sides of the body with the pelvic fins coupled directly below. A prominent black behind the pectoral fins differentiates males from females.

The parrot is a hermaphrodite "first woman" hermaphrodite. Davis (1976) Women and young people often begin as a light gray, brown or reddish brown with a lighter side, no different color models. Males are intended for color and have a deep dark stripe running from the snout to first dorsal spine and the black side angle behind the pectoral fins.

Even Hogfish social groups are organized into harems in which a male and protect a group of women in their territory. Hogfish is an important recreational species. In 2007, Florida Hogfish landings amounted to 306,953 pounds. Fish populations are regulated by the government of South Atlantic Fisheries Council and Commissions Florida Fish and Wildlife Service. 

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