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Jack Russell Terrier


The Life of Animals | Jack Russell Terrier | Through its work, the nature, Jack Russell Terriers remain much as they were 200 years ago. The body length should be proportional to the amount, and the dog must present a compact, balanced image. A broken-coated dog, the longer on the tail or the face than what seen to be a smooth-coated dog, the skin can sometimes be a pattern of small black or brown spots, called the "tap", not the outside of the performed are low. Small V-shaped ears of moderate thickness are carried on the head when the dog is attentive, is not the point of the V on the outer corner of eye.

Because it is primarily a working terrier is the most important physical property of the size of the breast, not so large that it prevents the dog and working conditions in caves. The red fox is the traditional quarry of the Jack Russell Terrier, Jack Russell, the farm must be small enough to track. Red foxes vary in size, but (cm 30-36) around the world on average 13 to 17 pounds (5.9 to 7.7 kg) weight and an average chest circumference of 12-14 cm have the widest The Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell terrier breeds are similar because they have a common origin, but with some significant differences of the most striking is the range of the allowable amount.

The height of a Parson Russell on his shoulder, according to the breed standard is 12-14 cm (30-36 inches), so it is within the reach of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America standard size for a Jack Russell of 10-15 cm ( 25-38 cm). However, the Parson Russell a show standards, while the Jack Russell standard is a general standard of work. The Russell Terrier, also called the English Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier or short, is a generally smaller related species. Both the breed standards of the American Russell Terrier Club and the English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance says that at the withers, the ideal height of 12.8 inches (20-30 cm). Although sometimes the English or Irish Jack Russell Terrier, this is not the approved amount of Jack Russells in the UK.

According to the Jack Russell Club of Great Britain, the breed standard, it is the same size as the standard for Jack Russells in the United States, 10-15 inches (25-38 cm). Compared with the pastor, the Russell Terrier is always longer than the withers, while the pastor should be equally spaced points. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale standard for the Jack Russell terrier has given smaller size as a prerequisite. jack Russells are first and foremost a working terrier. Originally bred to blow foxes from their dens during the hunt, they are to a large number of bottom-dwelling quarry such as groundhog, badger and fox red and the gray.

By maintaining this type of working condition is for the most registered JRTCA / JRTCGB breeders Jack Russells tend to be very intelligent, athletic, fearless, and vocal dogs is essential. Obedience classes are also available for potential owners recommended, because Jack Russells stubborn and aggressive towards other animals and humans if not properly socialized Despite their small size, these dogs are not for condominium or apartment dwellers are recommended, unless the owner is willing to be the daunting task of the dog with the necessary amount of exercise and stimulation.

As an avid hunting dog, the Jack Russell usually follow most beings it encounters. This includes the skunk, and the breed is susceptible to toxic shock syndrome, which is absorbed in the chemical skunk spray from dogs and causes the red blood cell hemolysis, which can occasionally lead to fatal anemia and kidney failure skunk. Treatments available to flush the toxin to the dog.

Nipper was a dog born in 1884, which would probably be a dog, the Jack Russell Terrier. A Jack Russell named Bothy history in 1982 as part of the Trans-Globe Expedition. The possession of explorers Ranulph Fiennes and Ginny, he became the first dog to travel to both the North and South Poles. On 29 April 2007 rescued a Jack Russell named George five children at a carnival in New Zealand from an attack by two pit bulls.
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