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The Life of Animals | Markhor | Markhor 65-115 cm (26-45 inches), shoulder, 132-186 cm (52 to 73 cm) long and weigh 32-110 kg (71-240 lbs.) They have the highest maximum shoulder height among the species of the genus Capra, but is surpassed in length and weight of the Siberian ibex. The coat is a gray, light brown to black, and grow to be smooth and short in summer, bigger and thicker in winter. Markhor are sexually dimorphic. With males with longer hair on the chin, neck, chest and feet Females are redder in color, with the shorter hair, a short black beard and are maneless. The horns of the males can be up to 160 cm long (64 inches) and 25 cm (10 inches) in women.

Markhor live in flocks, often numbering nine animals, composed of adult females and their young. Adult males are largely solitary. During the summer, men remain in the forest, while the females are usually the highest rocky ridges above climb. Some authors have postulated that the markhor is the ancestor of some breeds of domestic goat. Charles Darwin postulated that modern goats arose from crosses with wild markhor goats. Other authors have the option of markhor is the ancestor of some Egyptian goat breeds, due to their similar horns suggested, though punish the lack of a keel on the anterior horns of the markhor no close relationship lies. Can derive the domestic goat Changthangi Ladakh and Tibet markhor. The goat Girgentana of Sicily is thought to have been created by markhor, like the blueberry goat of Ireland.

Although it markhor to hunt illegally in Afghanistan, they were hunted traditionally in Nuristan and Laghman, and this may have intensified during the war in Afghanistan. In India, markhor yet for food near the Pakistan border hunted. Markhor also successfully introduced for private game ranches in Texas. In contrast to auodad, antelope, nilgai, mountain goats, deer and axis, but escaped markhor not sufficient to establish free-range wild populations in Texas.

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