Thursday, August 9, 2012

Umbrella Bird


The Life of Animals | Umbrella Bird | The Umbrella Bird is a large, tropical bird species that inhabit found the tropical forests of Central and South America there are three different types, of which umbrella bird umbrella bird Wattled be along the Amazonian Umbrella Bird Umbrella Bird, bare-necked and all those in areas with a live - little different. The Umbrella Bird is beyond the scope of sub-tropical Central and South America, where they spend most of the time jumps between the branches high in the treetops. Most of the time of the year may Umbrella Bird Found inhabit mountainous plains and hills, are usually at altitudes below 500 meters.

The Umbrella Bird alone is usually an animal that is known to be living with the other areas, including Umbrella Birds other birds, and similar species such as woodpeckers. Though Umbrella Bird can actually fly short distances, they tend to be relatively slow and clumsy in the air. During the breeding season, however, in higher altitudes, where they gather in small groups so that they can choose a partner to migrate. Show territories are occupied usually from March to June, and once paired with the female builds a nest on large branches, moss and leaves in a tree, often above the ground. It is assumed that the nest to protect them from hungry predators, the eggs from the Umbrella Bird.

Umbrella Birds are thought to live an average of 16 years in the wild. The Umbrella Bird spends most of his time representing the Sun canopy for land-based predators little threat of this unique bird. The biggest threat for Umbrella Bird is the man who delete their local floodplain forests, usually for agriculture. Although all three species are severely affected by habitat loss, the wattled umbrella bird thought to be more at risk, as it lives on only a handful of very specific areas. Continue uphill cloud forests, however, the umbrella bird breeding sites are known to be targeted by local hunters.

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