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White Rhino


The Life of Animals | White Rhino | The white rhino is the largest of five rhino species and mammals of the world's largest land after the three species of elephants. She has a huge body and large head, short neck and broad chest. The male with an average of 2300 kg (5100 lb) heavier than females with an average of 1700 kg (3,700 lbs). The greatest recorded white rhino was approximately 4500 kg (9900 pounds). White rhinos have a distinctive wide mouth and straight, which is used for grazing. The white rhino has the broadest set of nostrils of land animals. White rhinos are found in grassland and savanna habitat. Herbivore herbivores that eat grass, prefer the smaller grains, the white rhino is one of the largest pure herbivores.

White Rhinos, like all species of rhino, love it, wallowing in mud holes law. White rhinos make sounds to call a contact panting, grunting and gasping screams during courtship, hardship, and are deep growls and screams, when threatened. Monitors threats include (mostly male) cleared the horn back on the ground and a head down posture with ears, accompanied by growling and shouting threats when they attacked. The white rhino is fast and agile and can be 50 km / h (31 mph) run. White rhinos live in accidents or up to 14 herds of animals (usually mostly female).

More adult bulls are solitary. Dominant bulls mark their territory with urine and feces. You can tell these cells to pass 20-30 rhinos that is their territory. The territorial males scrape mark each 30 m (98 ft) or to limit their territory. Subordinate males do not mark territory. Female territory is overlapped extensively and do not defend it. Females reach sexual maturity at 6-7 years, while males reach sexual maturity between 10-12 years. The male chases and or blocks the path of the female, while screaming or moaning loudly, if the female tries to leave its territory. The birth interval for the white rhino is 2-3 years. Before birth, the mother will haunt her current calf. White Rhinos can live up to 40-50 years of age.

The northern subspecies is now found only in Congo, while the southern subspecies or majority of white rhinos live in South Africa. About 98.5% of white rhinos come in only five countries (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda). By the end of 2007 the southern white rhino savage had risen to about 17,480 animals (IUCN 2008). As the black rhino, white rhino under threat from habitat loss and poaching, most recently by Janjaweed. The northern white rhino (cottoni simum) before arriving in parts of northwestern Uganda, southern Chad, south-western Sudan, the eastern part of the Central African Republic and in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The only confirmed population today occurs in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Between 2003 and 2006, increased poaching and reduced the wild population of only 5 to 10 animals. From 2011, the total number of northern white rhinos on the planet is reported five males and two females to be. More white rhinos in zoos are southern white rhinos in 2001, it was estimated that more than 777 white rhinos in captivity around the world. The San Diego Wild Animal Park, San Diego, California, before three northern white rhinos, which were all caught in the wild. Only one female named Nola, and a male named Angalifu after the second female, Nadi remain, died in May 2007 believed that up to an advanced age. 

Angalifu is one of the last known male Northern White Rhino in existence. The collaboration already underway between the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Zoo Dvur Kralove in Dvur Kralove nad Labem, Czech Republic, for the seeds Angalifu female rhinos in captivity in the Czech Republic, in a last attempt to save this subspecies. So far, attempts at insemination northern white rhinos are considered failed and other methods considered.
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