Sunday, September 9, 2012

California Quail


The Life of Animals | California Quail | The California Quail is a highly sociable bird that often gathers in small flocks as "habits of highly effective" known. A group of quail will select an area where the soil was re-shot or soft, and under the belly dig down into the soil some 1-2 inches. Then agitated in the wells that have created, with wings beating and ruffled his feathers, raising the dust in the air. They seem to prefer sunny places in which to create these dust baths. When surprise, these birds explode into short rapid flight, called "flushing".

After hatching, the young adults. The men associated with families are not always the genetic fathers. In good years, the females will lay more than one clutch so that young people born with male and associated with the installation of a new clutch, often associated with another male.

They have a variety of vocalizations including social called "Chicago" to "seed" and warning "pip". During the mating season, the men say the competition "Bluestar" and often interrupt the social Mate called "Chicago" with a "Blue Star", a possible form of antiphonal singing vocation.

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