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Grey parrot


The Life of Animals | Grey parrot | Like many large parrots, the African Grey is a long life of birds. The Guinness Book of Records with a gray parrot who would have lived 72 years in captivity, as the longest lived of the sample species. In 2012 the species was vulnerable to further uplisted. Grey parrots depend on large old trees for the natural caves. Them to nest Studies in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau have found that African gray parrots preferred species of nesting trees are also preferred timber species. There is a positive relationship between the status of the species and the status of primary forests, where forests are declining, so the populations of gray parrots The African gray parrot is listed in Annex II to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

With exports accounting for more than 350,000 copies from 1994 to 2003, the gray parrot is one of the fastest processed CITES-listed species of birds. This review has resulted in recommended zero export quotas for the states, and to develop a wider CITES decision to regional management plans for the species. In the United States, the importation of wild-caught gray parrots under the laws of the United States Wild Bird Conservation is prohibited 1992nd In the European Union, an EU Directive of 2007 prevents importation of this and other birds caught in the wild for the pet trade.

Unlike other parrots, wild African Greys have documented imitate the calls of several other species. The research of Dr. Irene Pepperberg with gray parrots in captivity, particularly with a bird named Alex, assign the scientific capability, simple human words with meanings and intelligently apply the abstract concepts of shape, color shown, number, zero-sense, etc. Many animals learn Congo African Greys, in their second or third year Timnehs usually speak to speak observed to start earlier. A study published in 2011, led by Dr. Dalila Bovet of Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, showed that African gray parrots could coordinate and cooperate with each other to an extent.

E 'was also observed, seemed to express that the parrots worked preferences over the birds of other tests. Whistle African Grey Parrots frequently, scream, squeal, click, etc. expect an African Grey owner should, regular deliveries of microwaves, phones, alarm clock, video games and other electronic sounds and water droplets to hear wild birds, and other sound you hear often from the parrot. African gray parrots have the ability to imitate, and between the different voices they hear to distinguish. Their sociability and intelligence can make African Grey Parrots excellent pets. They have a dedicated following among parrot owners. Greys require large cages, containing a varied diet of fresh foods, and plenty of safe and destructible toys. If they are not supplied with these elements Greys quickly develop unpleasant behaviors and can eventually develop health problems (such as feather plucking) which are difficult to eliminate. Even the healthiest, happiest pet African Grey will generate a fair amount of confusion and noise.
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