Sunday, September 9, 2012

Horned Guan


The Life of Animals | Horned Guan | The Horned Guan is Oreophasis derbi anus large, about 85 cm long, turkey-like bird with a polished black upperparts plumage, red legs, white iris, yellow beak and a red horn on the top of the head. The young is duller with smaller horn and has brown tail and wings. The only member in monotypic genus Oreophasis the Horned Guan is distributed in humid mountain forests in southeastern Mexico (Chiapas) and Guatemala in Central America.

The Horned Guan Guan is not real, but only see these birds most general form and color, while the horn is more reminiscent of the helmeted curassows. Since the basic relationships of the living cracids not well resolved, the Horned Guan often in a separate subfamily of Oreophasinae.

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