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The Life of Animals | Kuvasz | The Kuvasz is a large dog with a double-density, odorless coat, white in color and can go straight to wavy in texture. Although the fur is white, the Kuvasz skin pigmentation should be dark and the nose should be black. The females usually weigh between 35-50 kg (75-90 pounds) while males weigh between 50-70 kg (100-150 lb) with moderate bone. (Refer to the breed standard for a more detailed description.) To the casual observer, the Kuvasz may seem like a great Pyrenees, Akbash, a Maremma Shepherd, Samoyed, a white Poodle and Labrador Retriever mix, Slovak and Polish Tatra Shepherd Cuvac.

As with many livestock guardian dogs, the color of the Kuvasz's coat serves a functional purpose and is an essential criterion of race. Pastors Kuvasz deliberately high to have a coat of light color so that it is easier for the shepherds to distinguish the Kuvasz from wolves who want to enjoy the company during the night. The Komondor, a cousin of the Kuvasz, has a white coat for the same reason. Traditionally, the Hungarian Kuvasz coat could be either white or cream-colored with a wavy texture. With the Hungarian standard the straight hair is not acceptable. It ranks 42 Stanley Coren, The Intelligence of Dogs. The combination of independence and intelligence make obedience training and the need for social protection. Kuvasz was bred for centuries to think and act independently, without instructions.

A adolescent Kuvasz should be able to learn basic obedience commands and consistently respond to them, but the instinctive need to investigate strangers and protect its owner may Kuvasz to act independently when off leash and ignore the calls from a frustrated manager . Finally, a potential owner should refrain from purchasing a Kuvasz if barking will be a problem at home. The Kuvasz is very special, close relationship with its owner. For the sake of governing standard, with a rake or a pin brush govern with rounded pins is recommended. Nodes to remove stubborn dirt, use a comb or a wide tooth comb curry. Frequent brushing is needed to keep the coat care.

While generally a healthy breed robust and can expect to live about 12-14 years, Kuvaszok are subject to bone problems in the developing world. As a result, the owners should ensure good nutrition for their Kuvasz puppy and avoid subjecting the puppy to rough play. Kuvasz puppy should be fed a diet rich in calories and proteins of these schemes have been associated with the development of orthopedic diseases later in life. Cooked bones should never be given to a Kuvasz or any other dog, because the cooking process makes the bones brittle and prone to chipping, which can cause serious injury to the dog's mouth and digestive tract.

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