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Flying Snake


The Life of Animals | Flying Snake | Chrysopelea also below their assigned common name "flying snakes" known. He slides his balance comb over his belly and slid against the rough bark of tree trunks, making up a tree. The combination of sucking in your stomach and make a lateral move to the curve in the air makes the snake can float in the air, which can save energy from the earth and terrestrial predators Dodge limited concave bearing surface that creates long journey suction snake flattens the stomach body to twice the width of the back of the head to the anal hole is near the end of the tail of the snake, making the cross section of the body of the snake resemble sectional through a cross Frisbee or flying saucer.

When a flying disk revolutions in the air, resulting in increased projecting section concavity air pressure to the center of the disc, to raise the flying disc. A snake is continuously moved in lateral undulation for the same effect of increasing the air pressure below the arcuate body to create a slide. Flying snakes are able to glide better than flying squirrels and other gliding animals, despite the absence of limbs, wings, wing extensions or other, glide through the forest and jungle life with a distance as great as 100 m. There are five recognized species of flying snake, found in western India Indonesian archipelago.

It is a bit poisonous snakes ", but its small and fixed rear teeth that make them dangerous to humans Golden tree snake or ornate flying snake, adorned Chrysopelea (Shaw, 1802) This result is the largest species of snake fly, up to four meters long. Although it is the golden tree snake, there are other colors, for example, tend to have a few steps toward the thin lime green pure yellow, while in India, the IT-orange red marks and small black bars back, rich colors almost paradise tree snake. Paradise tree snake, Paradisi Chrysopelea Boie and Boie, 1827 This species of flying snake fields of up to three meters long and is very popular in the pet trade in Europe. Their bodies are black, but covered with rich green scales. Tree Band snake or flying serpent, Chrysopelea Pelias (Linnaeus, 1758) Twin-Lock: This is the smallest species of flying snakes up to two meters long. Though small, it is certainly one of the rarest species of flying snakes in the range.  

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