Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Highland Cattle


The Life of Animals | Highland Cattle | Highlands are known as a hardy breed due to the wilds of their native Scottish Highlands, with heavy rain and strong winds. The coat makes them a good breed for cold climates of the north and are able to thrive in external conditions that are contrary to most other breeds of cattle. While the meat produced from cattle native is exceptionally tender and strong taste, modern business trends butchers tend to require a channel and a piece of meat from a different character. To address this market, beef producers commonly Highland suckler cows run the company with a "terminal" as a Shorthorn bull or bull Limousin.  

There is also a strong demand from manufacturers of other cattle are kept outside in the ground more favorable for bulling heifers Highland Highland cows usually crossed with the Shorthorn bull for use as suckler cows. These meats nurse cross inherit resistance, saving and maternal ability of their dams and improving the configuration of slot Highland bulls. These crosses were crossed with a bull care as modern meat or produce special prize for Limousin Charolais cattle are a mainstay of the production of Scottish beef trade.

And 'this ability to convey the saving and gross margin of the waterfall beef, which has secured its place as a modern beef breed commercial breed. Join highland cattle ("herd book") was established in 1885. Even if the groups are usually called Highlands herding group known as a fold.  

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