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Tawny Owl


The Life of Animals | Tawny Owl | The Tawny Owl is a robust bird, 37-46 cm (15-18 inches) long, with a 80-105 cm (32-41 in) wingspan. The big round head lacking ear tufts and facial disk surrounding dark brown eyes usually quite obvious. The race morph two names that differ in the color of its plumage, a form of rufous brown back and the other brown, although intermediates occur. The owl flies with long glides on rounded wings, less hilly and flutters unless other owls Eurasia, and usually at higher elevations. Like most owls, is let her escape because soft their primary feathers, furry and bumps on the leading edge of the outer primaries of the size, shape and broad wings chubby distinguish it from other owls in their scope, are gray Grande, Eagle and Ural owls are similar in shape, but much larger. An owl eyes are positioned in front of the head and have an overlapping range of 50-70%, which makes it better daylight binocular vision (30-50% coverage).

The experimental basis for this statement is probably wrong, at least a factor of 10 Owl actual visual acuity is only slightly greater than that of the human, and any increase in sensitivity due to optical factors that large retinal sensitivity and human owl, the resolution limit of the terrestrial vertebrate retina Adjustments night vision, including the size of the eye of the tube shape, a large number of closely packed rods of the retina, and an absence of cone cells are superior rod cells because photosensitivity. In contrast to birds of prey, owls is usually only a foveal daily, and that undeveloped except diurnal hunters like the short-eared owl. Hearing is important for a nocturnal bird of prey, and like other owls, tawny differ in structure and two ear openings are asymmetrically positioned improve directional hearing. The opening of the left ear is better higher in the head of the right ear and down steep inclines sensitivity to sounds below.

To hear the most common contact call is a shrill, kew-wick, but the male has a vibrant advertising song hoo ho, ho, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. William Shakespeare used this song owl Lost Love's Labour (Act 5, Scene 2) as a "night owl looking Utter, tu-whit, tu-, a cheerful note, while Joan doth greasy keel the pot" is, but this stereotype actually a duet with his wife kew-wick sound, and the male responding hooo. A man meets a broadcast song seems an indicator of his health and strength owls with high blood parasites consume less high frequencies and a limited number of frequencies in their responses to an apparent intruder. The tawny owl has.

The tawny owl is a geographical reach of 10 million square kilometers (3.8 million square kilometers) and a large population, including an estimated 970,000 to 2,000,000 people in Europe alone. This species has., A large number of prisoners, especially forest rodents, but other mammals up to the size of a rabbit, birds, worms and bugs In urban areas, the birds are a large part of the diet, and species as unlikely as Mallard and Kittiwake killed and eaten. Forest owls less potent than the owl and the owl is not normally associated with strong red color, which can be taken as a food and in different habitats in Ireland, was the lack of Tawny owl to be dominant. Even if the owl has moved to urban areas, tends to suppress their breeding owls traditional buildings
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