Friday, October 5, 2012

Turkish Angora


The Life of Animals | Turkish Angora | Turkish Angora Cats have a silky tail, medium-length coat long, without undercoat and a balanced body type. Well known for its bright white coat, Turkish Angora Cat can have one of more than twenty colors including black, "blue", and red feathers. Turkish Angora cats are active, intelligent, and involved. Turkish Angora energetic, and often find the "high ground" in the house, including over doors, shelves and other furniture. Appearance and angora Persian connected. Persian cat is developed by mutation fantasies Turkish Angora cat British and American. While some think that pedigree cats Persian cats Association are natural, in the 19th century Persian Angora itself.

Of course, the big show we are given special classification angora, and in response to numerous requests from fans animals have never been able to obtain information to understand the difference between the Persian Gulf and the Angora cat. A genetic study of breeds of purebred cats (using DNA from purebred cats in the United States and Europe) random race population shows Van in Turkey as a distinct population of Turkish Angora, despite their association geography. Correction. As above, it has been argued that the Angora Turkish Van is a different population. This is the result of a flawed methodology Turkish Angora Turkish Van American are not genetically related significantly to the Turkish Angora and Turkish Ankara Zoo.

Instead phylogenetic tree shows that the Turkish Angora breed is related to the random population and polished Egyptian Mau cat Tunisia Turkey random race cats. Tunisia and the Egyptian Mau cat has a western influence: Bayesian analysis shows that cats Italy and Tunisia is a mixture of European and chat in the western Mediterranean. Factorial correspondence analysis of cat breeds and populations). . Inconsistency: Turkey chat random populations breed in common with cats of Israel, but not with the descent Turkish Angora (phylogenetic tree). Many Turkish Angora cat breeds are presented as the Ankara Zoo, and must go back to first cats imported from Ankara zoo. Ankara Zoo selectively bred cat white cat Turkish intellectual Street

W gene responsible for the white coat and blue eye is closely related to the hearing ability in this area and in other breeds, and the presence of a blue eye can indicate the cat is deaf in one blue eye, with some really boring if it contains two blue eyes. However, many odd blue eyes and white cats have normal hearing, and even deaf cats lead a normal life if kept indoors. Turkish Angora cats living some hereditary ataxia, a rare disease believed to be inherited as an autosomal recessive trait.
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