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California Condor


The Life of Animals | California Condor | The Condor adult California is a black uniform, with the exception of the large triangular patches or bands of white at the bottom of the wings. Has mottled gray instead of white on the underside of the wing feathers. As an adaptation for hygiene, the condor head and neck have few feathers, which the skin to the sterilizing effects of dehydration and ultraviolet light at high altitudes exposes. The skin of the head and neck can wash strong. Birds have no real syringeal sounds. To determine the most measurements are taken from birds in captivity, so if there are significant differences in measurements between wild condors in captivity is difficult. California condor is the largest wingspan of a bird in North America. The Crane American White Pelican and scream even more jobs than the condor. Condor are so great.

The middle of the foot Californian condor is very elongated, and the hind legs slightly developed. The condors live in rocky scrub, pine forests and oak savannas. There are two shrines dedicated to this bird, the Sisquoc Condor Sanctuary in the desert of San Rafael and the Sespe Condor Sanctuary in Los Padres National Forest. These areas were chosen for their first condor nesting habitat. When in flight, the movements of the condor are very beautiful. The California condor has a long lifespan, up to 60 years. If it survives to adulthood, the condor has few natural threats other than humans.

The display voice grunts and wheezes limited. Condors bathe frequently and can spend hours each day cleaning their feathers. Condors lead urohidrosis or defecate on their legs to their body temperature to decrease. There is a well developed social structure within large groups of condors, with whistling competition in a hierarchical order by body language, behavior competitions, and a variety of grunts and determine decided. This social hierarchy is displayed especially when the birds to eat, eat of the judgment for the young birds.

In order to attract a potential mate, the male condor performs a display. The display is red head man and puffs its feathers of the neck. Spread your wings and slowly approaches the female. If the woman lowers her head to accept the male, the condors are friends for life. The egg weighs about 280 grams (10 ounces) and measuring 90 to 120 mm (3.5 to 4.75 inches) long and about 67 mm (2.6 inches) wide. If the chick or egg is lost or removed, were the parents "double clutch" or an egg to the place lost. The eggs hatch after 53-60 days of incubation by both parents.

Ready to focus their energies on a new nest Ravens are the main predators of eggs condor threats, while eagles and bears offspring condor potential predators. Unusually, this bird takes different roles in the history of the different tribes. The Wiyot tribe of California say that the condor recreated mankind after Above Old Man wiped humanity with a flood. Condor then seized Ground Squirrel after he fled, but Ground Squirrel managed to cut off the head with Condor Condor paused to take a sip of blood. After Yokut tribe, the condor sometimes ate the moon, so the moon cycle, and its wings caused eclipses. The Chumash tribe of Southern California believed that the condor was once a white bird, but it was black when he flew too close to the fire.

Condor bones have been found in graves as Indians have condor feather headdresses. Cave paintings of condors are discovered. Some tribes ritually slain robes to condors from their pens. Shamans then danced while wearing them reaching the higher and lower spiritual worlds. Some scientists, such as Noel Snyder believes that this process has helped ceremonial robes help the condor decline
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