Sunday, December 9, 2012

Queen Angelfish


The Life of Animals | Queen Angelfish | The color adult queen angelfish overall body color can be blue to blue-green with yellow wheels described in its scales. Queen Angelfish is also known to have blue markings around each gill cover. Young people have dark blue bodies with yellow lips, gills and tail and vertical bars ranging in color from blue to white. The colors of young fish to help them integrate into the reef. Queen Angelfish are about three and a half kilos.

The queen angelfish feeds primarily on sponges, but also feeds on jellyfish, tunicates and corals and plankton and algae. Young people serve as "cleaners" and feed on the parasites of larger fish at cleaning stations. Despite having in home aquariums, aquarium made for the queen angelfish diet of meaty foods and algae queen angels inhabit the reef base and are often located near the Florida Keys and Florida in particular, the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico.

Pairs reproduce by rising water, the wombs. Freely anywhere from 25 to 75 thousand eggs each night and up to 10 million eggs per reproductive cycle Eggs are transparent, dynamic and pelagic, floating in the water column. The size of the yolk sac is absorbed after 48 hours, during which the larvae develop normal characteristics of free swimming fish. Larvae are in the water column and feed plankton. The queen angelfish harass other fish without discrimination, in particular, the new additions to the aquarium.
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