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The Life of Animals | Grasshopper | No coherent distinction between taxonomic species of locusts and grasshoppers, the basis for the definition of a species swarm form under appropriate intervals. In English, the term "locust" is used for the grasshopper species which are morphologically and behavioral change the movement, the formation of clouds that grow immature stages called bands hopper. Charles Valentine Riley and Norman Criddle were also involved in the development of understanding and control locusts. Research at Oxford University has discovered a swarm behavior is a response to overcrowding. This causes the locust to change color, eat much more, and much easier to raise.

Locusts in the Bible and the Qur'an, one of the biblical plagues of Egypt, where locusts ate all the crops of Egypt. In an article published in the January 30, 2009 edition of the AAAS Science Journal, Anstey, Rogers, et al. demonstrated when locusts are, their nervous systems release serotonin so attracted to each other, a prerequisite for swarming. Swarms of locusts have short antennae or antennas and auditory organs in the abdomen (posterior segment of the body). From winged adults fly in swarms, locusts may be carried by the wind hundreds of miles from their spawning grounds, landing devour all vegetation. The migratory locust (Locusta migratoria) from Europe to China, and even small swarms may cover several square miles, and weigh thousands of tons.

The largest known swarm covered 513,000 km ², comprising about 12.5 trillion insects and a weight of 27.5 million tonnes. A biological pesticide for the control of locusts in Africa has been tested by a multinational team in 1997. Dried fungal spores sprayed in breeding areas Metarhizium species pierce the locust exoskeleton on germination and penetration of the body cavity, causing death. The fungus is spread by insects and insect persists in the region, making repeated treatments unnecessary.

The extinction of the Rocky Mountain locust is a source of wonder. The international agenda is LUBILOSA promote non-chemical methods of control to find lobster. Different cultures around the world eat insects. Even Islamic law and Jewish food, eating other insects grasshoppers to eat after the ban, particularly as food for the hungry poor.
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